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Sarah Jack
Josh Hutchinson

Thou Shalt Not Suffer: The Witch Trial Podcast is the show about how and why we hunt witches

Through expert interviews, informed dialogue, and rich storytelling, hosts Josh Hutchinson and Sarah Jack bring the world of witch hunts to life for modern listeners. We dive deep into historic witch trials and share news of modern-day witch-hunts. Join us as we seek justice for the wrongfully accused and try to answer an age-old question: How do you put an end to witch-hunts?

About Your Hosts

Sarah Jack

Sarah Jack (@restingwitches) is a creative advocate for witch trial history who descends from a person hanged for alleged witchcraft. She passionately curates online social connections for descendants, researchers and other advocates to network together and exchange immersive witch trial related knowledge and facts. She enjoys reading, collecting family history, and breathing in as much coveted Colorado mountain air as she can.

Josh Hutchinson

Josh Hutchinson (@salemwitchhunt) is a writer. He has been studying witch trials for 14 years and has 8 years experience sharing what he learns online. He loves cycling, hiking, camping, and reading.

About End Witch Hunts, our parent organization

Witch Trial History
Our aim is to share the global history of witch trials in ways that honor the victims.

Modern-Day Witch Trials
One of our goals is to educate the world about the existence of witch-hunts in our world today.

Witch Trial Activism
We work to clear the names of the accused.

Witch Trial Prevention
We are searching for a cure to witch-hunting.

Connecticut Witch Trial Exoneration Project
We are proud to be affiliated with Connecticut Witch Trial Exoneration Project, a collaboration with Mary-Louise Bingham, Beth Caruso, and Tony Griego. The project seeks to clear the names of those accused of witchcraft in colonial Connecticut.